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Feb. 29th, 2008

Fri 2-29

Soooo foggy this morning.  Went through ritual and slogged through training but still made some progress:

Consecutive Days: 5

1-5: 2x
6: 45x

Still need to work on my thrusts, I think I'm not being strong enough with my wrist when I do and it's allowing the sword to waver on thrusts.  Focusing on 2 and 6 to hopefully correct it as well as going over basic forms more.  May try the setup Shell Sabom Nim showed us the other day to practice in a square around the training room.

Feb. 28th, 2008

Thurs: 2-28

Trained on my own midday.  Was a bit lazy before I did but stuck it through. Warmups then forms.

Consecutive Days: 4

1-5: 4x
6: 20x

Made some progress on 4-5.  The problem is definitely in my legs as I'm not getting low enough often enough to stay balanced.  Need to focus on exaggerating my drop down when I'm practicing Tai Chi style so I am better weighted when I go at full speed.  When I go full I definitely can feel myself wobble early in 4 and late in 5.

Starting to wonder where and what I'll train after I make the next step in my life.  Hopefully I can end up somewhere that a master lives who will be willing to teach me.

Wed 2-27

Had a lot of energy before class last night.  Translated well and put a lot of energy into my training.
1-5: 5x
6: 50+
Fighting Forms:
1-3: 8x

Initially hated Fighting forms but that was probably just because knowing only 1 or 2 is extremely boring for me.  Adjusting a bit as I learn 3, the first head defense is a little awkward feeling as I always want to turn the opposite way. 

Sa Bu Nim did form checks.
Comment: Need to lower and straighten my thrusts. 

Chong Kwan Jong Nim described the thrust motion as 'enlightenment' in this system and given the talks by Sa Bu Nim in which he suggests one must see his own mind before they can attain enlightenment I started trying to picture myself in front of me so I would thrust at the correct spot.  Not really fluid yet but I think it's helping me a bit. 

Have found a lot of weakness in Forms 4 and 5 lately.  Mostly from balance and adjusting for speed.  Since I have nonSGD class this evening I'll be training on my own this afternoon and will post how my work on 4 and 5 goes then. 

Feb. 27th, 2008

New Directions for this lil LJ

Well in case anyone I know still checks these I'm converting this over to a training log.  I moved into the Zen Sword Temple and it's amazing learning a ton and only had 1 small bout with training burnout to speak of.  In an effort to build a deeper commitment to my training I've decided I will log what I do both inside and outside of class and comment on any 'breakthroughs' or just realizations so I can essentially laugh at my self later on when it's second nature.

Consecutive Days Training: 2
Total Forms Learned: 5 - Shim Gum Do (Sword) / 0 Shin Boep (weaponless)

Class 7-8:
Forms 1-5: 3 times (2: 10 times)
Form 6: 50+

Made some adjustments to the first attack in 6 today that will hopefully allow it to be more fluid.  One of the Masters filled me in on some footwork I'm not supposed to learn til 7 and every day I have to try NOT to apply it.  It just makes so much more sense and creates a much more fluid form.  Allowing for more efficient footwork and breathe work.  I can't wait to get through March and learn the next form for the sole purpose of adjusting my forms from before to now with this knowledge.

Also realized I've been a little lazy in my stance, blocks, and thrusts lately as I've been more concerned with the opening in 6 and the ending (both newer movements) but focused on 2 to help straighten up my thrust and bring in my neck defenses.   That's it for today.  More tomorrow.

May. 28th, 2007

New doors, new paths.

I know it's been forever and a day since I last posted but for those who still care here's what's up.

I've been working a delivery service in Boston the past month gettin enough cash for upcoming trips and expenses.  Doin some tanning and reading a lot.  I've discovered a strong interest in Zen Buddhism the past 4 months that I've channeled into readin in re mediation and the religion itself, not because I feel like converting but because I think the methods of learning to live in each moment and appreciate it for what it is are immeasurable no matter your faith.

That said... at the end of this month the whirlwind starts.

1st I'm moving to NYC and living with my friend Devon. - worked with her for a year at blockbuster before she moved to NYC.  Anyways I'm really looking forward to it cuz I love her.  Both platonically and romantically but I have to settle for just platonic but that's cool I still can't wait.  Anyways.... gonna be in NYC for 2 weeks then I'm hitchin a rideshare down to Bonnaroo in Tennessee June 14th - 17th.

So far my itinerary is pretty stocked with the likes of Kings of Leon, The Roots, Widespread Panic, Mute Math, Lilly Allen, The Police, and more than I can remember now.  So yah bonnaroo is gonna rule and i can't wait.  After bonnaroo I'm debating... I'm either gonna hitchhike home to texas (if i can get there and back before the next step of my adventure this summer that is) or somewhere else, or just go back to NYC.

July I'm flying out to Amsterdam.  My roommate who's husband is an Officer in Army Airborne and stationed in Iraq has decided to move there semi-permanently.  So... being as I don't have any 'can't miss' committments this summer I'm going with.  Gonna scope it out. Play a lil poker, etc etc.  Do things I already do here without fear of getting arrested... oh wait I'm already not afraid of getting arrested =p

After that... well here's where it gets fun.  If I can get my room in the apt sublet for the upcoming year then I'm moving into a Zen Buddhist Sword Karate dojo.  www.shimgumdo.org.  It's an opportunity to work and live under the tutelage of the master to which over 700 forms of both Sword and weaponless martial arts were revealed to him on a 100 day meditation retreat in Korea.  So... we'll see it's only about $100 more than I'd pay rent for anyway and that includes all meals and training daily.   I figure it would be an excellent opportunity as I go back to school to help hone and maintain my physical and mental focus.

Mar. 17th, 2006

channeling a lemming

[1] Sales/Equipment/Handyman/Helper guy - Wool & Mohair Warehouse
[2] Law Firm Library Clerk
[3] Princeton Review LSAT Instructor
[4] Blockbuster Video Duder

[1] Amadeus
[2] Big Lebowski
[3] Swingers
[4] American History X

FOUR CITIES YOU'VE LIVED IN: (I don't move around much)
[1] El Paso, TX
[2] Menard, TX (pop. 1606 so not really a 'city'
[3] San Antonio, TX
[4] Boston, MA

[1] The Boondocks
[2] Robot Chicken
[3] ------------
[4] ------------

[1] Disney World
[2] New Mexico
[3] Colorado
[4] De La Cuna

[1] myyahoo.com
[2] valor
[3] titanicus.com
[4] boards.ign.com

[1] Mac 'n Cheese
[2] Steak
[3] Sweet 'n Sour Pork
[4] Lamb 'n beef Gyro

[1] In bed w/ a woman
[2] Vancouver
[3] Amsterdam
[4] Ibiza

Mar. 15th, 2006

long time

well.. not much going on here
endless saga that is RL
friend in town this weekend comin to visit harvard, smart bastard got a fulbright for polish history and now he's goin for his PhD at harvard, it's so awesome to see friends accomplish their lifelong dreams. Must be nice to have them, that's all I've gotta say lol.

Hmmm haven't been playing enough, need to get sea still, hoping to push through 6-4 by sunday and see from there. also on xfire now - novadog - yes ceph i'm gangsta watch out! i cut j00

anyways, geared up for the NCAAs finalizing my bracket now that the playin is done w/ some friends, I've got UConn pegged. Despite the loss to 'cuse b/c I think UConn played half that game and 'cuse could barely squeak it out by 1 in OT... that's tough. My surprise team for the Final 4 is bc, and yah I'm sure it's because I live in boston but I just don't see Nova or Ohio State as daunting as Duke or UConn and after watching BC play duke in the ACC final I think they've got the tools to dominate any team methodically. That said, it's hugely clear that if they get in a running game they'll get burned so we'll see how composed they can play at the big dance.

Feb. 27th, 2006

21 people - goofy fun

Can you name 21 people, right off the top of your head? Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 21 people.

Ready, Start!


Now answer the questions according to the names listed above.

How did you meet 14?
He was my roommate's friend from his mentor group freshman y ear's roommate lol.

What would you do if you had never met 6?
Probably continue to not know anyone from Cambodia that use 1 letter for their name.

Would 4 and 12 make a good couple?
lol nah, I think she's too high maintenance for joey/boka lol

Describe 8?
Buddy I work with, he's 19 and lives as freely as one could hope to, in a rock band with a big tatoo of flamingos on his neck. He's a bit of a lazy stoner but he's really nice and one of the coolest people to hang out with.

Do you think 13 is funny?
Yah, he cracks me up.

Tell me something about 17?
Her dad told me it was ok and expected to be prejudiced against other races, just not racist.  He had this whole schpiel about how it was a personal pride thing or something, we didn't date much longer after meeting her folks.

What's 21's favorite color?

Shit I haven't talked to tom regularly enough to know lol.

On a scale of 1-10, how hot is 10?

What would you say if 18 just confessed they liked you?
Now that's eerily brokeback considering we used to work goats and shit on his ranch in jr high 'n high school lol.

What language does 20 speak?
english - sorta pretty heavy texas accent

Who is 9 going out with?

When is the last time you saw number 15?
Hmm... prolly 3 years ago.

What grade is 16 in?
In his first year of med school, I think that's past the 'grade' stage lol

When's the last time you talked to 19?
Couple weeks ago O_O just realizing this lol
guess I'll call tonight.

What is 2's favorite band/singer?
Good question, I don't think he has an immediate #1.

Would you ever date number 7?
Prolly not.

Would you ever date 3?
Homey don't play dat sorry.

Is 11 single?
I think so.

what is 4's last name?

Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 5?
Nah, too crazy for me.

Do you find 12 friendly?
Yah when he's not being a lil bitch.

What school does 3 go to?
BC Law

Are number 7 & 8 friends???
Coworkers but they don't hang out past that.

How do you feel about number 1?
Helped me through some rough times.  Maybe my closest and best friend in Boston.  

Feb. 25th, 2006

(no subject)

RL - got some situations to sort out and so forth but not too terribly bad
New Posters! - jarhead, rent, chonic-wut!-les of narnia
my dryer sucks donkey dick... fucking thing will start blowing cold air after like 2 loads have been dried...

game: gettin to endgame with boka is sweet

last night after getting stuck at work I got on to see Askew 'n them gettin ready to go do some af3 fights. I was tired and it was late, and it was that or lfp on nin so I just said screw it and went to help. Got 3 of 'em done, grats to them, then I passed right the fuck out.

Brokedy broke broke broke:
No plants in my garden. No stuff on my mules. No desire to farm. Hmmm... needa do that lachesis orb 'n a ks99 sometime methinks.

Been a while but that's about it for me atm. oh and got my yagudo hat :D

Feb. 16th, 2006

(no subject)


now that's a funny word

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