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After an unfortunate trainingless weekend back to the grind today.
Knees started off good but my left one was definitely biting when I bent it by the end of the session.  I'm not sure what exactly is setting it off but it's definitely something within 7.

1-5: 1x
6: 20x
7: 40x

Avalt KJN helped me a bit tonight and gave me some points for continuing to perfect the form.  Focusing mostly on feet positioning and maintaining a straight line back and forth as the forms is very linear.  Still haven't had anyone show me the 'fast' method but have been practicing it on my own.  It's just more natural and my body wants to do it without me even thinking about it half the time anyways so I'm not really going to fight it anymore I'll just take the hit if there is one for practicing something I shouldn't be ahead of time.

Other than that... still debating what I want to study for my lifetime art barring the option of staying in Boston another 4-5 years so I can get high enough to open my own Shim Gum Do school down the road.  Which would be nice but I think Meghan and I are both ready for a change and while I'll carry the lessons and forms of SGD with me for the rest of my life I'm thinking of taking up Judo or traditional juijitsu.  Still considering the idea of BJJ but I think by the time I'd start is (29) I wouldn't have the left over athleticism for that much ground game to stick with it for good.  I like the complements of Judo very well as well as the broad base which should allow me to find a suitable teacher regardless of where I live presuming it's an urban environment.

Other than that just back to workin on trainin everyday and tryin to focus on increasing my caloric intake as I think I've slimmed down even more which is getting to the point where I would like to put a stop to it.  


May 2008

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