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May. 12th, 2008

Back in the thick of things

The past few weeks have been beyond hectic.  Training hard having to learn 8 in less than 2 weeks.

Inculcating a lot of fluidity and move chains as well as working on hip and leg motion to cut down on energy used.

Considering some changes to my routine, regimen and how I report that here.  Once I get a clearer picture of that this will reflect it.  Starting to train kettlebells this summer as well.


Apr. 9th, 2008

4-2, 4-4, 4-6, 4-8

Made some progress with 7. Focusing on full speed footwork.
Was beyond out of it Sunday but had a great session Tues.
Hoping to learn 8 in a couple of weeks and have time before the test to get it down.

Apr. 1st, 2008


Consecutive Days: 2
Forms: 1-5: 1x
6: 10x
7: 30x

Trying to put the full speed to practice is much more difficult than I had previously imagined.  Mostly because the way I naturally wanted to do it as my body suggested was the exact opposite of the real practice ha!  Always nice for a little ego demoralizer.

Got some good suggestions for hip movement in all forms with turn arounds tonight and focused on 7 extensively.  Still very awkward but the motions are coming together somewhat more fluidly.  Learned some of the deeper meaning behind form 1 as well which is always cool when those sorts of things just pop into a class.


Forms: 1-6: 10x
Form 7: 5x

Did several exercises to focus on full speed motion.  Very informative class.

Mar. 26th, 2008


After an unfortunate trainingless weekend back to the grind today.
Knees started off good but my left one was definitely biting when I bent it by the end of the session.  I'm not sure what exactly is setting it off but it's definitely something within 7.

1-5: 1x
6: 20x
7: 40x

Avalt KJN helped me a bit tonight and gave me some points for continuing to perfect the form.  Focusing mostly on feet positioning and maintaining a straight line back and forth as the forms is very linear.  Still haven't had anyone show me the 'fast' method but have been practicing it on my own.  It's just more natural and my body wants to do it without me even thinking about it half the time anyways so I'm not really going to fight it anymore I'll just take the hit if there is one for practicing something I shouldn't be ahead of time.

Other than that... still debating what I want to study for my lifetime art barring the option of staying in Boston another 4-5 years so I can get high enough to open my own Shim Gum Do school down the road.  Which would be nice but I think Meghan and I are both ready for a change and while I'll carry the lessons and forms of SGD with me for the rest of my life I'm thinking of taking up Judo or traditional juijitsu.  Still considering the idea of BJJ but I think by the time I'd start is (29) I wouldn't have the left over athleticism for that much ground game to stick with it for good.  I like the complements of Judo very well as well as the broad base which should allow me to find a suitable teacher regardless of where I live presuming it's an urban environment.

Other than that just back to workin on trainin everyday and tryin to focus on increasing my caloric intake as I think I've slimmed down even more which is getting to the point where I would like to put a stop to it.  

Mar. 21st, 2008


So out of it this morning I could barely focus.  7 is definitely putting strains on my body  in my shoulder and my knee. 

This morning.
7: 30x

Mar. 19th, 2008

Lazy postings

 Not to much exciting leading up to the test. Trained the 12th, 14th, 15th, and tested on the 16th.

Test day was surprisingly an off mindset day for me and I am still a little surprised how well my muscle memory took over.

Did not train the 17th and learned my new form yesterday.

Did 7 about 40 times after warmups and had the choreography down within 2 shows.  It's a pretty interesting form and potentially difficult on my knees as I turn a lot but it gives a lot of insight for breathing I believe as well as teaches the 'fast' method of Shim Gum Do which I know about but since I haven't technically been taught it can't apply yet.  That said I might still play around with it in my spare time.

1-6: 1x
7: 30x
Fighting Forms: 1-3: 5x

Fighting forms are always interesting.  I have a bit of trouble maintaining my distancing and letting everything flow.  Definitely have to work on keep my head defenses up when my arm mis tired so I'm not just swinging my wrist around blindly.

Also been researching different styles as I presume when I move from Boston I will need to find another one and settle on that one for life.
So far I'm looking at Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun and Chow Le Fut Kung Fu.  I'll find somethin I swear haha.  I've crossed off Brazilian Juijitsu however as I just don't have that much interest in glorified wrestling no matter how apparently useful.  Not to mention the ranking system in BJJ is ridiculously overdone.

Mar. 11th, 2008

Mon 3-11

Yes I trained last week.  No I didn't have internet.

Now down to less than a week before the test and still making minor adjustments to a few moves.  Had a correction on a head defense in 6 but getting very smooth and focusing almost primarily on making it faster and smoother.  When I go slowly I hit everything basically perfectly just a matter of pressing the gas slowly and pulling it up.

1-5: 1x
6: 40+x

Mar. 6th, 2008

Tues 3-2; Wed 3-3


Small class led by Dailey KJN and it was great.
Consecutive Days: 1
1-5: 5x
6: 50x
Fighting Forms 1-3: 10x

DKJN gave me some very solid pointers on the opening moves of 6 which had not been addressed before.  A bit to work on but worth it.  Got a ton of work in and still sore from this class ha.  Did a lot with fighting forms then did some sparring attacks was a lot of fun but learned how not to hold my grip on a head attack block when I smacked myself in the head with the back of my bokken....

Bigger class by Brother james, got a lot of feedback from Kyle and James as well as SBN's form check.  Consistently having issues with my thrusts which I'm trying to remedy by lifting my wrist slightly and keeping my arm more in line with my shoulders.  The combination of the two has straightened it out as well as lowered it so hopefully I'm in better shape.  Kyle helped with some of my more fluid motions to help conserve wasted energy.  Was an issue on one of the openings to 6 however that will have to be verified with SBN.

Consecutive Days: 2
Forms: 1-5: 3x
6: 70x

Mar. 4th, 2008

Sun 2-30

Too foggy headed and too tired at 7am to really get myself focused the way I want to.

Consecutive Days: 1
1-5: 2x
6: 40+x

Lookin to get more in the swing this week leadin up to the test on the 16th.

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